Zucchetto Belonging to Pope Leo XIII
Zucchetto Belonging to Pope Leo XIIIZucchetto Belonging to Pope Leo XIII

This zucchetto has a card attached to it with a wax seal signed by a member of the papal household verifying its authenticity.

A zucchetto is the skullcap worn by the pope and clergy. It
comes from the Latin word, zucchini, and actually is in the shape of a squash. It covers the head of a priest or pope and comes in various colors depending on the rank of the individual wearing it.

All papal zucchettos are white. Varying colors denote the rank of other clergy.

Originally, when a man entered a religious community, the sign of his vow of obedience was a tonsure, that is, the shaving of a portion of his head. The zucchetto was used to keep his head warm over the shaved portion.