St. Pius X: A Roman Collar Worn by Him

St. Pius X: A Roman Collar Worn by Him

A Roman Collar Worn by Pope St. Pius X

The collar has a card describing what this item is as well as  a wax seal authenticating it.  It is a second class relic.

A traditional Roman collar is a stiff narrow band that acts as a white collar fastened at the back of the neck. It is worn by Catholic and some Protestant clergy.

A Roman collar is a distinctive symbol of the clergy.

This collar, however,  is not the traditional Roman collar as we know it. Instead it is a fairly large piece of cloth with the basic collar. Additionally there is a cloth coming down over the chest.

This Roman collar is a unique and treasured addition to the Collection.  

  • Date February 27, 2017
  • Tags Clothing, St. Pius X