Easter Letter from Pope John Paul II, Signed as Cardinal, 1975
Signed Easter Card from Cardinal Karol WojtylaSigned Easter Card from Cardinal Karol Wojtyla

The letter is a very beautiful ink drawing, resembling the Pope’s (eventual) coat of arms. It is noteworthy that the M for Mary, the Mother of God, is included here as well as on the coat of arms he chose three years later when he was elected pope.

In the letter is written:

Cracow – Easter – 1975

Thank you for your Easter greetings and the same to you, dear Engineer. I wish you the joy that in Easter morning of the Resurrection was accorded to the Apostles and Disciples of the Lord Jesus.

+ Cardinal Karol Wojtyla

Size of the Letter: 4.1 x 5.7 Inches (10,5 cm x 14,5 cm)

Note: Easter was on March 30th in 1975.