Signature of St. Charles Borromeo on a Letter, Dated December 3, 1561

A letter from St. Charles Borremeo Dated December 3, 1561.

He was the Cardinal/Archbishop of Milan and the most significant person of the Counter-Reformation.

A rough translation of this letter:

Most Lord, Most Honorable ?? It was not news to me what your Lordship wrote about your love for me and your respect and devotion for our Lord of this Holy See. It was very nice to hear of your arrival here safely to see me. And why no (4 illegible words). Answer: I wish you happiness and without any doubt, all the best.

After all I had (4 illegible words) and I thank you for the notices..

Charles Borremeo was canonized November 1st, 1610, by Pope Paul V.

This is one of Father Kunst’s favorite items in the collection.