Pope Pius XI: A Framed, Signed Blessing

Pope Pius XI: A Framed, Signed Blessing

The artifact is a large framed photo of Pope Pius XI  showing him with his hand raised in a blessing.  It is signed by him.

The request to the Pope is from Mrs. Lochowicz and is as follows:

Most Holy Father,

Mrs. A. Lochowicz and Family,

humbly prostrate at the foot of your Holiness, beg the Apostolic Benediction and a Plenary Indulgence to be gained at the hour of death, on condition that, being truly sorry for their sins, but unable to confess them and to receive the holy Viaticum, they shall at least invoke with their lips or heart the Holy Name of Jesus.

It is then signed by the Holy Father with the added admonition:

Pius pp.xi

peramantes in Domino
(persevere in the Lord)


Any time an artifact is found in such excellent condition it indicates the value the original owner placed upon it.

Pope Pius XI: A Framed, Signed Blessing
  • Date August 23, 2019
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