Pope Leo X: A Signature from 1506 as Cardinal

Pope Leo X: A Signature from 1506 as Cardinal

Pope Leo X: A Rare Signature

Pope Leo X is a very significant historical figure who was Pope from 1513-1521.

The year is legible (1506)  and the signature is complete.

According to Saggiori’s book, the jo.(for john) is preceded by a” v.r.”  (I would say the v .stands for vescovus or vice chancellier)

Here the initials before the j.o. stand for something else, but they are indeed present and fully legible.

This piece, the end of a signed letter, is not “glued “to anything.  It was submitted to an expensive professional restoration where Japanese paper pulp was reintegrated into the missing parts to return the piece to a more attractive square format.

Given the age and rarity of the document, this is an incredible addition to the Collection.

Pope Leo X was created Cardinal at the age of 13 in 1488 and was formally received  into the College of Cardinals in 1492.  His signature on this document is from his time as Cardinal.

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