Pope John Paul II: Easton Press Collectible Books, Signed

Pope John Paul II: Easton Press Collectible Books, Signed

The Easton Press Collectible books featured here are an incredible addition to the Papal Artifacts’ Collection, not only because they are part of some of the world’s greatest books, bound in leather and accented with 22 kt gold, (as is told in the information featured below) but also, and most importantly, because they are bound volumes of Pope John Paul II’s works:

Go In Peace

Crossing the Threshold of Hope

Prayers & Devotions

On one of these volumes, whose covers bear the coat of arms of the Pope, is the Pope’s signature and an embossed authentication from the Vatican of that signature.

These volumes are truly a priceless addition to the myriad items belonging to or associated with St. John Paul that are part of the Papal Artifacts’ Collection.

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  • Date August 25, 2016
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