Pope Benedict XV: A Zucchetto Worn by the Pope

Pope Benedict XV: A Zucchetto Worn by the Pope

Zucchetto Worn by Benedict XV on October 24, 1919

The card attached to the zucchetto, verifying its authenticity, states that this zucchetto was worn many times by Pope Benedict XV.

The card was signed on October 24, 1919 and is the business card of Giuseppe Faggiani.  The red wax seal is a symbol of the authenticity of this item.

Pope Benedict reigned from 1914 – 1922 and was known as “The Pope of the Missions.”  His sphere of influence went far beyond that.  Most of the former Giacomo della Chiesa’s career involved diplomacy.  Until his appointment as Bishop of Belluno, Italy, his career followed the soon to be Cardinal Rompolla’s (who became Leo XIII’s Secretary of State).  Della Chiesa not only served as undersecretary but continued in that role under Pope Pius X’s secretary, Merry del Val.

Pope Benedict XV’s incredible journey from priesthood to papacy is, indeed, a story worth reading.  Papal Artifacts honors the gift of his life to our Church, and treasures all items belonging to or associated with the Pope who is considered to be the most forgotten of the 20th century.

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