Notecard Written on Both Sides by the Future Pope John Paul I
Notecard Written on Both Sides to Albino Luciani's Niece
Notecard Written on Both Sides to Albino Luciani’s Niece (back)

In 2001 Father Kunst and his father went to northern Italy, to an area called Belluno, where Pope John Paul I lived. They visited his family, in particular his niece, Pia Luciani, and his brother Eduardo, and his sister-in-law. They spent the day with them, visiting the home where the Pope was born. They were very hospitable and generous people who were happy to show Father Kunst the areas of Pope John Paul’s childhood.

Father Kunst formed a great bond with them but then lost contact. Very recently, in 2010, he reconnected with Pia Luciani. She fondly remembered their visit. Recognizing his affection for her uncle, she sent a gift, a notecard on her uncle’s original letterhead, as well as the envelope, from his time as a very young bishop in Vittorio Veneto, Italy.

The notecard is dated 1961 and is written on both sides. It says:

Dear Pia, Thank you for your news. I’m always very happy when I receive them, especially when they reveal to me your commitment and your effort to be studious and a good girl. The commitment is not very little because it needs to begin again every day. Your Father came recently, here at the castle but unfortunately, I was away this day. However, as far as I know, all are fine at home. Love from me and blessings.

This is an extremely rare item because John Paul I was not considered to be a strong papal candidate and was only pope for thirty-three days. People did not save items belonging to him. So finding things of his is actually quite rare, making this item very special.