Memorabilia of Two Brothers’ Ordinations in 1951 (Pope Benedict XVI and Georg Ratzinger)

The memorabilia featured here include items from the ordinations and first Masses of the future Pope and his brother, Georg, ordained together in 1951.

The invitation states, On the feast of the apostles, Peter and Paul, we will receive the holy ordination of a priest in the Cathedral of Saint Mary at Freising.

Our first Mass (Erstlingsopfer) will be celebrated on Sunday, July 8th, 1951 in the Church of Saint Oswald in Traunstein.

You are invited to be with us.  God will bless you all who accompany us on our way to this “Primizaltar” (the altar where they will have their first Masses)

With prayers and offerings,  Georg and Joseph Ratzinger.

Included with this invitation are the guests’  place cards  directing them to their pews where they have been invited to sit for this first Mass:  “Mittelschiff” is the area of the Church, which is in front of the altar.

The invitation shows the names of the invited guests, the Kebler family.

Father Richard Kunst: Having an ordination card from 60 years ago is understandable, but I have never seen anyone keep an invitation like this, or offer it for purchase.  It is a very nice item to have.