Letter From Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta to Father Richard Kunst, Dated 1990

A letter from Mother Teresa dated March 7th, 1990 to Father Richard Kunst reprimanding him for a request for her autograph. However she still signed the letter.

This letter is written on Missionary of Charity letterhead paper:

7th March, 1990

Dear Richard,

Thank you very much for your letter. More
important than autographs is what we do for Jesus
and for Him in others. “You did it to me” – for
I was hungry, thirsty, naked, homeless – look
around and see the loneliness, the pain – in your
own family first – then your neighbourhood and
friends – the poor in the hospitals and nursing
homes – do to them what you would someone to do
for you.

Pray the Rosary – put your hand in Mary’s hand and
allow her to lead you to Jesus. Help the poor,
the lonely, the unwanted – Be God’s love and bring His light into their lives.

God loves you—give Him your heart to love Him – y
Your Will to serve Him.

Keep the joy of loving Jesus ever burning in your
heart and share this joy with all you meet.

God bless you

Mother Teresa MC