First and Second-Class Relics of St. Jean Vianney

Photography during the time of the Cure of Ars was a relatively new development. It took several minutes to complete each subject.

Jean Vianney was unwilling to give up that space of time for something he deemed a waste of time that he could be devoting to the care of souls.

As a result, any pictures you see of him were taken right after his death. He was dressed in his liturgical garments and in this way, the only photographs of him were taken.

That in itself makes this artifact a rare and unique item, but it also contains first and second class relics of the saint. On the left bottom corner is a piece of the shirt he was wearing when he died. The right corner is a piece of cloth covered in his blood.

These facts make this a valuable and treasured addition to this Collection.

Saint Jean Vianney, pray for us!
–Father Richard Kunst