Endorsed Check From Sr. Lucia of Fatima in 1999
Endorsed Check From Sr. Lucia of Fatima in 1999Endorsed Check From Sr. Lucia of Fatima in 1999

The check is framed with a holy card printed on the occasion of her fiftieth anniversary at the convent. The check was given to an extern nun (one who is able to leave the convent) and this same nun gave the holy card to Father Kunst.

Sr. Lucia has a very strict policy against signing autographs. Father Kunst obtained this one by making a check out to her personally and delivering it to the convent where she was cloistered in Coimbra, Portugal.

The story:

I was able to travel to Coimbra, Portugal in 1999 to the convent where Sr. Lucia was living. She was one of the seers of Our Lady of Fatima, an event that occurred over a period of months in 1917. In 1999 she was the only one of the three children still alive.

It was very difficult to have any type of connection with her because of the cloistered life and because of the many people seeking information from her particularly about the third secret of Fatima about which people wanted information.

Her autograph is highly sought. Even cardinals have tried repeatedly to get it without success.

So I brought a check for Sr. Lucia directly to the convent. I received assistance from a friend who wrote it in Portuguese. If she wanted the money she had to endorse the check.

Six months later the canceled check was returned to me with her endorsement.

Sr. Lucia died in 2005.