Cardinal Edward Manning: 1869 Letter Concerning Catechesis Instruction

Cardinal Edward Manning: 1869 Letter Concerning Catechesis Instruction

English Cardinal Henry Edward Manning

Cardinal Edward Manning
Cardinal Priest of Sts. Andrew and Gregory on the Coelian Hill and Second Archbishop of Westminster, b. 15 July, 1808; d. 14 January, 1892.

Henry Edward Manning, who was born at his grandfather’s home, Copped Hall, Totteridge, Herts., England, was the son of William Manning, M.P. for Evesham and Lymington and sometime governor of the Bank of England. 

Letter Written by Cardinal Manning Concerning Catechesis Instruction

Cardinal Edward Manning: Letter Concerning Catechesis Instruction, 1869

His father’s family was of an old Kentish stock, and though born in Hertfordshire, the future cardinal spent some years of his boyhood at Combe Bank, near Sevenoaks in Kent, whither his father had moved when his son was but seven years old. His mother, William Manning’s second wife, was a daughter of Henry Lannoy Hunter, who was of a French Huguenot family originally known by the name of Veneur. His father’s mother was a Miss Ryan, whose name betrays her Irish origin, and from some old diaries which have only lately come to life it appears that she was a Catholic and faithfully practiced the duties of her religion. This fact, it would seem, was never known to Cardinal Manning himself, as the diaries have only been discovered since his death.

Cardinal Edward Manning & St. John Henry Newman, Saint
Conflict in the Victorian Catholic Church

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