Blessed Pope Pius IX: A Silver Locket with 2nd Class Relics

The item featured here is a very rare silver locket from Vatican City with a button and material from Blessed Pope Pius IX’s cassock. It is hallmarked with the cross keys & tiara, the symbol of the papacy.  The locket is from the 1860’s and weighs 23.81 grams.

A cassock is the ankle length garment worn by clergy with a close fitting waist and sleeves and a fascia (sash) around the waist.

The pope’s cassock is always white. Cardinals’ cassocks are black but may be trimmed in scarlet piping or have scarlet buttons with a scarlet fascia. Bishops’ cassocks are also black but trimmed in purple. Cassocks worn by priests are black with a black fascia.

What Are Relics?

From the Latin reliquiae, meaning remains.

They are the actual remains or an object associated with a saint or martyr. These remains or objects are esteemed and venerated in many religious traditions because of their association with the person.

Relics are in classes. First class relics are the actual remains of the person being venerated.

Second class relics are objects (for example, clothing) that have touched the person being venerated.


A container or shrine in which sacred relics are kept.