A Liturgical Calendar of Saints from the Late 19th Century

A Liturgical Calendar of Saints from the Late 19th Century

A Collection of 365 Saints in One Reliquary

This reliquary, containing the relics of every saint honored on the liturgical calendar of the late 19th century for each day of the year, is quite possibly one of the most unique items in the Papal Artifacts’ Collection.  It is in perfect condition with the actual relics fanning out of each side according to which month it is.

The relics are contained in an ornate wooden case.  It is in perfect condition attesting to the care with which these saints have been venerated.

Calendar Relics
Calendar RelicsCalendar Relics: Close up

The Papal Artifacts’ Collection is primarily dedicated to artifacts connected to the papacy.  Individual popes, their biographies and multiple items belonging to them, including first and second class relics, make up the majority of this Collection.  But that isn’t all it is.

Father Kunst has a deep devotion to the saints as can be readily seen in viewing the Saints & Blesseds section of this site. We invite you to visit Papal History/Saints & Blesseds to view the many canonized and beatified men and women who make up this section of the Collection.

The reliquary is incredibly beautiful to behold and a valued and treasure item when one considers the contents of this reliquary.

  • Date November 10, 2017
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