Pope John Paul II: Umbrella Used During the Papal Mass in St. Louis, Missouri, 1999
Umbrella Used During the Papal Mass in St. Louis, Missouri 1999Umbrella Used During the Papal Mass in St. Louis, Missouri 1999
Thousands of People Being Escorted Via the Umbrellas to Receive the Eucharist During Papal Masses

At this Mass hundreds of Eucharistic ministers distributed communion to the people attending. Umbrellas directed people to the sites where the Eucharist was being offered.

The Papal Artifacts’ Expert was in St. Louis to concelebrate Mass that day.

Mass was celebrated on Wednesday, January 27, 1999 before a crowd of nearly 100,000 people. We have included a schedule of the events of that day, which began at 3:00 in the morning. This outpouring of love for Pope John Paul II occurred everywhere he traveled during his long reign as pope.


Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Eucharistic Celebration with His Holiness Pope John Paul II at America’s Center

Theme: Mass in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, celebrating the Mercy of God.

Who: Nearly 100,000 people are expected to be present inside the Trans World Dome and Cervantes Convention Center. This will be the largest crowd ever gathered at one time inside the facility and is believed to be one of the largest indoor gatherings ever held in the United States. Some 250 cardinals, archbishops and bishops, and more than 1,000 priests will concelebrate Mass with the Holy Father. More than 2,000 ushers and other volunteers will also assist in the celebration.

When: Pre-event begins at 4:30 a.m. Holy Father arrives at America’s Center at about 8:30 a.m. and Mass begins at approximately 9:30 a.m. Mass will conclude around noon.

Approx. Time Program Activity
3:00 – 4:00 a.m. Arrival of ushers, bus greeters, concessions volunteers, pre-event participants, banner carriers and other volunteers.
4:30 – 5:30 a.m. Video (The Life and Times of John Paul II)
5:30 a.m. Morning Prayer of the Church of St. Louis
Call to Worship – blowing of Shofar (ram’s horn) by Alan E. Freed
Morning Hymn – “What Worship Is” – Led by Malcolm Speed with The Voices of St. Alphonsus Rock and The Voices of Praise.
Greeting – Rev. Maurice Nutt
Psalm 63 – Cantors are Shawn Hartung and Eugene Pierce; flutist is David Kowalski
Total Praise – Roger Holmes, St. Alphonsus Rock Church
A Dance of Praise – Laura Francesca Valle Jammer
Psalm 107 – As told and sung by Jeannie Trevor, accompanied by pianist Malcom Speed
Deep Down I Know – David Haas
Reading from the Book of Deuteronomy 7:6-11
– Lector: Deborah Sue Jackson

A Reflection – Rev. Maurice Nutt
Video – “Our History: Our Beginning and Our Growth”
– Compiled and narrated by Rev. Kevin Schmittgens

Bogurodzica – Choir of St. Stanislaus Parish

You’re All I Need – Choir of Alphonsus Rock Church sing

Tedium – Choir of St. Thomas of Aquin Parish
Reading from 1 John 4:7-16
– Lector: Nicole Lawrence

Vision – Matthew Blind, accompanied by Eugene Pierce
Concluding Hymn
Amazing Grace
7:30 a.m. First Processions
(religious men and women, seminarians, deacons, priests)

Andante Maestoso Fanfare – Archdiocesan Handbell Choir (under direction of Karen A. Romeri)
O God Beyond All Praising – Archdiocesan Choir (under direction of Dr. John A. Romeri)
Prelude Music
Jesus is the Light – Papal Gospel Choir (under direction of Timothy T. Hearn)
Praise and Glory – Archdiocesan Children’s Choir
Let Thy Holy Presence – Archdiocesan Choir
8:00 a.m. Procession of Bishops
Ecce Sacerdos – Archdiocesan Choir
Hymn to Joy Fantasy – Assembly
I Want To Walk As A Child Of The Light – Archdiocesan Children’s Choir
For The Beauty of the Earth – Archdiocesan Children’s Choir
Come in the House – Papal Gospel Choir
Credo – Papal Gospel Choir
Rondo Jubilate – Archdiocesan Handbell Choir
Psalm of Celebration – Archdiocesan Handbell Choir
Mosaics (Movement III) – Papal Orchestra
8:30 a.m. Entrance of the Holy Father into America’s Center
(Holy Father, accompanied by Archbishop Rigali, will arrive at Cervantes Center in popemobile, pass around the perimeter of halls, enter Dome and circle around, and back to sacristy where Holy Father and Archbishop will vest.)

Tu Es Petrus
Papal Fanfare
Final Prelude to the Mass
Festival Hymn of Thanksgiving – Archdiocesan Choir and Assembly
I Was Glad – Archdiocesan Choir
Entrance Processional
(Servers, priests and bishops of papal entourage, bishops, Nuncio and cardinals take their seats on sanctuary stage. Holy Father and Archbishop walk onto sanctuary stage.)

All Creatures of Our God and King – Choir and Assembly
Introductory Rites
Led by the Holy Father
Welcome of the Holy Father – Archbishop Justin Rigali
Kyrie – led by cantor
Gloria – led by cantor
Opening Prayer – The Holy Father
Liturgy of the Word
First Reading from Book of Deuteronomy 7:6-11
Responsorial Psalm – Psalm 34 (Taste and See)
Second Reading from First Letter of John 4:7-16
Gospel Acclamation/Festival Alleluia
Gospel Reading from Luke 15:1-7
Homily – Holy Father
Creed – led in sequence by Archbishop Justin Rigali, Holy Father and cantor
Prayer of the Faithful – led by Holy Father and recited in English, Spanish, German, French, Vietnamese and Polish
Preparation Rite
(Presentation of bread and wine by representatives of the Archdiocese)

Let All The World – Archdiocesan Choir
God Gets The Glory – Papal Gospel Choir
Prayer Over the Gifts – led by Holy Father
Eucharistic Prayer
Holy, Holy, Holy/Mass of Creation
Memorial Acclamation
Great Amen
Communion Rite
“Our Father” – led by Holy Father
Exchange of Peace
Lamb of God/Centennial Mass
Communion Songs
Though We Are Many
I Received The Living God
Panis Angelicus
Taste and See
Lord By Your Cross and Resurrection
Praise the Lord, His Glories Show – Archdiocesan Children’s Choir
Ave Maria – Archdiocesan Choir
A Jubliant Song – Archdiocesan Handbell Choir
Prayer After Communion – Holy Father
Concluding Rite and Blessing – Holy Father
Recessional Hymn – Holy God, We Praise Your Name

Items of interest related to the Papal Mass

Papal banners: The banners that appear throughout the America’s Center complex were created by parishes and represent their uniqueness. The various designs depict the charism or gift of the Holy Spirit, as embodied, enacted and made alive in the community.

Trinity banner (Washington entrance): This banner depicts the Trinity. Jesus sits enthroned in majesty in the center of the banner holding the cross, the instrument of his passion. The center of the cross is green symbolizing that the tree which once brought death now brings life to us all. To the right of the figure of Jesus is the hand of the Father bestowing blessing. To the left is the dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

Processional banners: These banners represent the water of the mighty rivers flowing through our land. In God’s loving plan, the waters of creation nurture all forms of life on our planet. The banners remind us of the water of baptism that brings us to new life in God. All are invited to this water; all are welcome to salvation.

Shofar: The Hebrew root of the word, shofar, comes from the word for beauty. The horn is used to call the people to prayer, to proclaim the Jubilee year, to escort processions and to solemnize coronations. It works to awaken the soul.

Sacred vessels at the Papal Mass: Three missionary chalices, one of which dates back to the founding of St. Louis, will be among the vessels used at the Mass. The Holy Father will use the chalice used by Father Jean St. Cosme on December 8, 1698, in celebrating the first recorded Masses on the western banks of the Mississippi River in what is now St. Louis. This chalice now resides at Holy Family Catholic Church in Cahokia, Ill., which Father St. Cosme founded the next year. Other sacred vessels include a chalice used by Father Meurin who celebrated the first baptism in St. Louis in 1766, and a chalice that was a gift from Pope Pius VII that Bishop Rosati brought to the Louisiana Territory in 1816.

Eucharistic Chapel: After the Papal Mass, the Blessed Sacrament will be reserved in a special chapel at the Trans World Dome, before being taken to a local parish.