The Papal Minutes with Father Richard Kunst & Real Presence Radio

The Papal Minutes with Father Richard Kunst & Real Presence Radio

We invite you to peruse the Media section of Papal Artifacts which is filled with vignettes lasting from a minute to a few minutes depending on which one you access.

Father Kunst plans on expanding these minutes to include 50 different minutes with different popes, so stay tuned!

Real Presence Radio hosted “The Papal Minutes” —   little known facts about the popes–with Fr. Kunst.  We think you’ll enjoy them.

Father Richard Kunst, Host

1.  Cardinal Konig Tells Cardinal Wojtyla His Name Will Be John Paul II in the 2nd 1978 Conclave

2.  Dark Times in the Papacy:
Marozia ( c. 890 – 937), was a Roman noblewoman who was the alleged mistress of Pope Sergius III

10.  The Youngest & Oldest Popes


11.The Attempted Assassination of  Pope John Paul & His Pope Mobile

12. Pope John Paul’s  Rare Blood Type Becomes a First Class Relic


13.  Leo XIII: The “Eternal Father” Dies at 93 & After a Long Papacy

14.  Papal Elections, Secrecy & the Big Leak of 1903

15.  John Paul II Visiting His Would-Be Assassin: Granting & Seeking Forgiveness

16.  Pope Pius V & The White Cassock


17.  Pope Celestine V: Last Pope to Abdicate Before Pope Benedict XVI

18.  Opening the Holy Door during Holy Years



19.  The Gammarelli Taylor in Rome in 1963

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  • Date June 20, 2024
  • Tags Ask the Curator, Media