Pope Pius IX: A Rare Ink-Signed Image with a Wax Seal
Pius IX: Rare Ink-Signed Image, Close up
Pius IX: Rare Ink-Signed ImagePius IX: Rare Ink-Signed Image
ink signed imageWax Coat of Arms of Pius IX
ink signed imageInk Signed Stamp & Embossed Image
Pius IX: Rare Ink-Signed Image
Pius IX: Rare Ink-Signed Image with Wax Stamp

Pope Pius IX signed this image in 1868, and it  included a benediction accompanied by a wax seal with his coat of arms on it.

The reason this item is of such value is it is a very rare example of a signed blessing of this Pope, which included both his photo and a wax seal.

The photograph is 34.5 X 44.5.

It is a valuable addition to this Collection.