Pope Paul VI: PAN AM Memorabilia – Box for Pope Paul VI’s Special Flight

Pope Paul VI: PAN AM Memorabilia – Box for Pope Paul VI’s Special Flight

Pope Paul VI: Souvenir of the 1967 Flight to Istanbul
Pope Paul VI visited Turkey in July 1967, to meet with Patriarch Athenagoras.  He went to Istanbul, the center of the Christian communities, and to Izmir and to the nearby shrine at Ephesus.

Those aboard the flight were given this souvenir of the trip, which probably included supplies such as toothbrushes and other small toiletry items similar to items given aboard some first class flights today. 

The cover features Pope Paul VI’s coat of arms as well as the date of the historic meeting.
Since his canonization in October 2018, any item connected to St. Pope Paul VI takes on added spiritual significance.

Pope Paul VI waves as he clasps hands with Patriarch Athenagoras after their meeting in Istanbul in July 1967.

The two church leaders talked and prayed for church unity in the St. George Orthodox Church of Istanbul.

One of the addresses given by Pope Paul VI on this Apostolic Journey



Istanbul, 25 July 1967

Dear brother in Christ,

With heartfelt good wishes, We express to Your Beatitude Our warm greetings and Our joy in meeting you during Our pilgrimage to this land, which has given such magnificent testimony to the most noble traditions of the Christian Faith.

On two occasions already – in Our own See of Rome and in the Holy City of Jerusalem – We have had the happiness of exchanging the fraternal kiss of peace with worthy representatives of the Armenian Church: the venerable Catholicos of Cilicia, Khoren the First, and the esteemed Patriarch of Jerusalem, Yeghishe Derderian. That happiness is renewed now as We salute you, the pastor of the Orthodox Armenians of Turkey.

Through Your Beatitude, We also salute all the faithful of the Armenian Church. With sentiments of fraternal esteem and respect, We greet the venerable Supreme Catholicos of the Armenians, Vasken the First, with whom We have maintained very cordial relations during the recent Second Vatican Council, and since the closing of the sessions of that Council. May the meeting We enjoy with you today strengthen and deepen those relations for the good of the Holy Church and its unity, and may God spread abundant blessings of peace and prosperity upon those faithful of whom His Holiness Vasken the First is the chief pastor.

We know the fidelity of your people, and the glories of their witness to Christ, the Lord of the Church, down through the centuries. With respect and admiration, We recall their devotion to their great Fathers and Doctors, whom we of the Catholic Church are proud to salute as our common Fathers and Doctor in the Faith.

In particular, as We prepare to visit the place made glorious by the inspired witness of the Fathers of the Council of Ephesus, it is a great consolation to meditate upon the vision of Christ presented to the Church and to the world by that holy assembly. That vision, too, we share in common. God, made man for our salvation, is the God we confess in our Creed and preach to the world. The Holy Virgin who gave birth to God, and whom the Fathers of Ephesus joyfully and reverently hailed as «Theotokos», is still today our advocate, our model, our Mother.

During the Year of Faith celebrating the anniversary of the martyrdom of the great Apostles Peter and Paul, it is Our hope that all Christians will strive to penetrate more deeply into the mystery of Christ. In witness to Him, the holy Apostles shed their blood. In service to Him, the Fathers of the great Ecumenical Councils, as successors to the Apostles, gave their witness of fidelity. May the Holy Mother of God aid us also to be faithful witnesses and humble servants of her Son, Who is our Lord.

In the course of the centuries, the bonds of communion between us have grown weak. Christ Our Lord calls upon us with special urgency today to strive to re-establish perfect communion in charity and truth. As We greet Your Beatitude, We reaffirm Our intention to respond to that call with all the force at Our command, confident that it finds an attentive response also in you, and in the faithful Armenian people.



The Armenian genocide was the systematic killing and deportation of Armenians by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire. In 1915, during World War I, leaders of the Turkish government set in motion a plan to expel and massacre Armenians.
It is worth noting that Pope Paul VI’s predecessor, Benedict XV was the only world leader to plead with the Ottoman Empire to stop the genocide of the Armenian people. Over a million people perished in this slaughter.
It was a courageous act on the part of Pope Paul VI to address them during this visit.
Turkey has never admitted responsibility for this atrocity.

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