A Letter to Prince George II Signed by Pope Pius XII

A Letter to Prince George II Signed by Pope Pius XII

The document is a superb finely penned document, 2 pages, signed Pius pp. XII to George II, (1890-1947) King of the Hellenes 1922-1924 & 1935-1947.  It is written  in Ciceronian Latin with translation.  Diplomatic letter reads:

To the Most Serene Prince George II, August King of the Hellenes, Pope Pius SII, wishes Health and Prosperity.  O Most Serene King, Having been borne, by the votes of the Fathers of the Church raised to the Purple, to the Most High Pontificate of the Catholic Church.  We deem it Our part to convey the news of Our election to our Royal Majesty.  And indeed Our foremost desire is to assure you Majesty that that favor and good will, with which Our most lamented Predecessor attended Your nation, matches Our own like wishes and good will.  Knowing well Your outstanding humanity, We are confident that those under your sway who profess the Catholic faith, they and their institutions, can continue to enjoy the equal protection of the law.  Indeed I am certain that they yield absolutely to none both in observing legitimate authority and in affection towards their country.  But in the meantime, We beseech Almighty God to bestow His highest gifts upon You, and this in particular, that You, Most Serene King, may wish to join with Us in perfect esteem for one another.

 Given at Rome at Saint Peter’s, the 12th March in the year 1939, and the 1st of Our Pontificate.

 Signed Pius p (a)p(a) XII.  One side tall folio and conjugate blank, with the original envelope bearing the paper blind-embossed heraldic seal of Pius XII, very light original horizontal fold.  This fine document was issued just ten days into his pontificate.

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