Medallion Commemorating the Election of Blessed Pope Paul VI, with Signature
Pope Paul VI: Medallion Commemorating the Election

This is an original, limited edition presentation commemorating the elevation of Pope Paul VI, signed by Paul VI. It features a graphic representation of the medallion issued for the event, Paul’s signature and is dated.

The piece comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity, which states:

This item is perhaps, without a doubt, one of the most difficult and rarest of the ‘OFFICIAL’ documents to obtain from the Vatican.

The document is one from a lot of a small quantity produced upon appointment of a new Pontiff.

Hereby described as: Overall size 9 1/4″ X 12 1/2″. At the top of the document (in Latin) is the statement attesting to the fact that the Medallion pictured commemorates the appointment of the new Holy Father – in this case – Pope Paul VI.

The artist’s photo of the front and back of the Medallion is affixed. It is largely, boldly and clearly signed by Pope Paul VI, and it is further dated below his signature.

The medallion with the signature of Blessed Paul VI is of even greater significance as we celebrate the beatification of this beloved Pope.