Letters of Pope Benedict XV: July 1, 1918

Letters of Pope Benedict XV: July 1, 1918

Benedict XV Signed Letter, 1918

This July 1, 1918 letter, written and signed by Pope Benedict XV is another example of the Pope’s handwriting and signature.  All items belonging to or associated with this Pope are of such great value, because they are so rare a find.

And because of his contribution to our Church throughout his entire life and papacy.

This small note is a a great addition to the other letters of Benedict XV.

The following information is a commentary written by the Curator about another signature of Pope Benedict XV, but expresses the personal affect that having a signature of a Pope has for him.  We are including a part of it here as well, since the same information applies to all of them.

Father Richard Kunst:

Benedict XV preceded Pius XI. Of course, Benedict XV is significant for many reasons, including the fact that Benedict XVI chose his name because of his high esteem for him. Lots of people forget about him. In fact, there are even books written about him saying he’s the forgotten pope of the 20th century.Actually, he was quite significant, especially in his efforts to try to bring peace to the world. Pope Benedict worked hard to bring peace, but both sides thought he favored the other side and rejected his initiatives. One of them highly resembled the points drawn up in the League of Nations. He was elected at the beginning of WW I, so he was a significant pope in more than one way.There’s also something to be said about a message written in the handwriting of the individual. For example, I think of the letters from friends or from grandparents who have written to me, and how significant I find that. To be able to see their handwriting is always significant.And here we have the handwriting of one of our Holy Fathers. Just to think of the time it took him to write this. It’s like by having this letter I own a little piece of his time.

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