Holy Card Containing a Relic of the Pope John Paul I’s Cassock Worn to the Conclave that Elected Him
Holy Card Containing a Relic of Pope John Paul I’s Cassock Worn to the Conclave that Elected HimPope John Paul I

Quite an interesting story is connected to this holy card and relic of Albino Luciani who became Pope John Paul I, reigning for only thirty-three days in 1978.

The portion of this black cassock is a significant second class relic belonging to Albino Luciani, the Cardinal Archbishop of Venice. It is a tiny piece of the one he was wearing as he left Venice to attend the conclave that elected him on August 26, 1978. After his death, the Vatican contacted the pope’s family asking for a portion of the cassock to be distributed as relics. This relic is from the portion given to the Vatican by the pope’s family.

However, Father Richard Kunst formed a great bond with the pope’s family and he also received a portion of this cassock from them, which is another artifact you may view in the Collection.

Father Kunst received that item from John Paul’s niece, Pia Luciani, with whom he has maintained contact since visiting her in 2001. She was happy to send him a large portion of this cassock, which had already been cut up for relics upon request from the Vatican.

Since he is soon to be beatified the cassock assumes even greater historical significance.